Logan Film Review

In the not-too-distant future.

A story of a grizzled, bearded old man and a young, spunky girl.

— who reads comics.

They are forced to work together, and tension is high between them.

This girl has a rare genetic gift.

She must be taken somewhere safe, and it’s a long journey ahead.

Which means a lot of killing along the way as the old man must protect the girl.

Come to find out, she’s pretty good at protecting herself.

The girl brutally kills her attackers in self-defense.

The old man is conflicted to feel for the girl because of past loved ones he’s lost.

But like it or not old man, you are a necessary father figure to this young girl.

On their travels, they meet a black man and his son, but unfortunately those two end up dead.

Sucks because the young girl was starting to develop a sincere interest in that boy.

Old man becomes wounded, and the girl tends to him.

What started as a reluctant partnership, blossoms into a mutually respectful and deep friendship due to hardships they both have to endure.

I’ve been describing The Last of Us.




One response to “Logan Film Review

  1. I saw it yesterday and before even watching it I saw pictures of Logan and Laura and my first thought was – Joel and Ellie!!!

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