Gaming Update: first entry of 2017

Haven’t posted in quite a while. Been busy with, like, career, and stuff… Oh, and I went to Star Wars Celebration Orlando… Which took a lot of my mental capacity during the months leading up. It was unforgettable.

Though I could have, I did not attend the Battlefront II reveal panel. May come as a surprise, since this blog would portray me as a videogame fan, but the first EA Battlefront was just so cruddy, I couldn’t summon any interest. But I’m happy to know it will feature a story with new characters (that will be CANON supposedly). Let’s hope they don’t entirely make a mockery of it.

But look at that promotional art – Maul and Rey in the same image?? Confused… but intrigued!

Anyway! Now with that over with and my career progression on-break, I have started to play some of those awesome Q1 releases that I was looking forward to (eg. Horizon Zero Dawn, Mass Effect Andromeda, GR: Wildlands, Nier Automata, etc etc).

I will soon post a few SHORT reviews regarding the games I mentioned (short because I don’t allocate much time for blogging anymore). But I’m looking forward to wording how I was surprised by these games and getting the thoughts out of my head.


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