Gaming Update: Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving. Was your turkey as good as mine was? This Black Friday, I went out simply to observe the chaos, like I like to do every year, and I bought my friend a copy of Bloodborne, since it had a great price at many stores. I also took advantage of the Steam Sale, like I usually do even though I don’t need any more games at all. With the new Star Wars coming up, I have been watching the previous Star Wars films as well as playing Star Wars related games, so I did purchase the Star Wars collection from the Steam Sale that featured nearly all Star Wars games ever made (14 titles total). The problem is, most Star Wars games are complete arse. It’s a shame that the most popular film franchise of all time can’t get a great game adaptation. Even the acclaimed ones like Knights of the Old Republic are too outdated and wonky for my taste. The only Star Wars game I’ve ever liked was the original Star Wars Battlefront. Truly great game. But it happens to be one of the few that WASN’T included in the bundle. Battlefront II was included… but that one just isn’t the same. So I really don’t know why I bought this bundle. I supposed the prime reason was I was interested in the story of Force Unleashed and Force Unleashed II, which were included. But I’ve heard bad things, so who knows how many years from now I’ll play those, if ever. Then there’s the Battlefront remake which I rented… I realized quickly that it makes no sense to rent the game. It requires a season pass to play online. And if there is no online play, there is essentially no game left. I don’t really want to get into it, because I don’t want this stupid waste of time taking up any more room in my mind. For more on why Battlefront 2015 sucks, here’s a nice explanation. But for the record, I’m officially giving Battlefront a single star. Considering all the potential it had, this result is an insult to players and a shame to the Star Wars name. Long live the original Battlefront.


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