Games competing for my attention

dmc: Devil May Cry says: “What happened, man? You were enjoying me a lot, then all of a sudden nothing. Why’d you forget about me? Didn’t you want to experience more of my cool bosses?”

Betrayer says: “So you said I was really cool when you first stepped into my world… but you haven’t been back since that one time. I really don’t appreciate you misleading me like that.”

Sylvio says: “Now I know you appreciate how unique I am! And I know you like a good ghost story… Why you not be playin me bitch!”

Silence of the Sleep says: “You give me two hours the week before Halloween… and now that horror isn’t in anymore, I guess I won’t be seeing you… That’s a shame. Oh well. Your loss.”

Mind: Path to Thalamus says: “Dude, do you realize how close to the end you were? It’s actually kind of ridiculous and stupid that you haven’t beaten me yet. It’s only like one more puzzle, seriously.”

Dark Souls says: “Excuse me, sir, but wouldn’t you consider me to be deserving of some time and effort? After all, I am your best friend’s favorite game…”

Diablo III says: “Ooo! Ooo! Me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!”

Metal Gear Solid V says: “I think I’ve seen about as much of you as I desire. But feel free to come and join me in my sorrows whenever you get the inkling… There’s always more soldiers to fulton.” (privileged smirk)

Metal Gears 1 and 2 say: “Yur fancy with us sure was short-lived WADDINIT?”

DreadOut says: “Boo! Come on, get back over here so I can scare you more. I know you are dying to know what tricks I have left up my sleeve.”

Myst says: “You weren’t even stuck on a puzzle… You just quit. For no reason. After a weeklong period of staying with me. What’s the matter with you.”

Stranded Deep says: “Well you’re never going to escape the island at this rate.”

The Talos Principle says: “Are you ever going to finish me? Honestly.”

Enki says: “Knock, knock. Guess who… It’s Enki godammit! The excellent freaking game that you forgot about! Let’s go I haven’t got all day.”

Penumbra: Black Plague says: “No, it’s fine. I get it. I’m outdated… Why would anyone want to play me? Especially since there are games like Soma available, and you’ve already played me before; it makes sense. Only… I thought you loved me. Do you not love me anymore?”

Alan Wake says: “I don’t understand why I’m always the lowest on your priority list. I’m way more acclaimed and popular than the rest of these losers.”

Star Wars: Empire at War says: “I’m happy enough just knowing that you think about me every once in a while. I’ll wait as long as it takes for you to come around to me. In the meantime, know that I’m proud of you for living such a healthy life, friend :)”

Fallout 4 says: “GARHB GHARB GHAB! Play! Me! Mooooore!

And funny enough, the game that’s gotten my attention the past two weeks is one that wasn’t even asking for it: Beyond Two Souls. It was just sitting over there on my shelf minding its own business. Even though I had all these games yelling at me and grabbing for a spot in my free time, it was Beyond that I got in the mood for and started playing (even though I beat it twice before). Beyond is a pleasure for me, like a comfort-game. And I have been really happy with my decision to spend time with it and not others.

Video games will always be there. I can always return to them in the future. So for now, I don’t care how annoyingly they complain. I’m going at my own weird funny pace and liking it!


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