Happy Halloween >=D

So Steam is having its Halloween sale this weekend, and despite having barely touched the games I bought off of Steam’s previous mega-sale, I have already taken advantage of it. I bought NINE games — all dealing with horror or creepy environments in some respect. About half of them were on my wishlist already, so I’m super excited about this. And there’s plenty more where that came from: great deals on Dead Space series, Bioshock series, Resident Evil series… If you have Steam and haven’t checked out this sale yet, I would get on it. This is one of the best ones of the year.

I got:

  • Enki — am hoping to play this with a friend.
  • Sylvio — the one I’m looking forward to the most.
  • Alan Wake — which has been on my prospect list for a while.
  • Penumbra Gold Edition, which included Black Plague, Overture, and Requiem — for only $2.99!
  • The Music Machine — awesome-looking art direction.
  • Oknytt — weird looking cartoon game, but was only 99cents!
  • Silence of the Sleep — I’m not usually into platformers, but the sights and sounds in this one instantly felt nostalgic to me…
  • The Swapper — again, not a fan of platforms. But just watch that gameplay footage and tell me this doesn’t look amazing.
  • DreadOut — Who knows how successful I’ll be trying to play this by MYSELF, because it looks terrifying. But as such an advocate of these kind of games, I’m happy just knowing I own it ;)

So with Halloween being tomorrow, I will definitely play one of these tonight and maybe tomorrow. If I don’t get to the rest of them for a long time, that’s fine. I’m a collector more than a player these days.

In other news, I completely disobeyed what I claimed to plan on doing in my last “gaming update”. Instead of finally getting around to those games, I just played Beyond Two Souls for a second time. LOL. It’s been a stressful week at work, and I wanted something really comfortable to play an hour of every night. Plus, I suddenly got into a Quantic Dream mood, and Beyond Two Souls is the only one I own. But that’s okay, because I’m liking it a lot more than my first time. Loving it actually. I would like to write a second-look about it when I get through this playthrough. It could be a new favorite game of mine.


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