Gaming update: 10/14/15

I’m really into games right now. Not sure why. But it’s not hurting my productivity or anything, so I’m fine with it.

My gaming agenda is very hectic though! I basically am fumbling around with a pile of different games. I’ll try to break it down:

  1. Currently playing through dmc: Devil May Cry for the first time and enjoying it a lot! Although it’s consistently aggravating.
  2. Off and on continuing to play through MGSV for a second time. Progressing slowly, which I’m fine with.
  3. Borrowed Dark Souls from a friend. I feel like this game is so much more involving and demanding than I want to deal with right now, but maybe little by little I’ll get somewhere with it. Don’t count on it though.
  4. Keeping in mind my desire to play some horror games I found on Steam, including Enki, Stairs, Sylvio, The Forest, and Music Machine. I’ll definitely play ONE of these before the end of October.
  5. I just started getting back into Diablo III. Lol, that game is easiest way to waste time. But there’s just something about finding new, better items that is always exciting. I’d like to write a review for that game soon.
  6. Just bought four more games on Steam that were on sale… haha oh woe is me. I now have Deus Ex: Human Revolution (which I have played a bit of before), Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (which I’ve always wanted to play; heard it’s great), Far Cry: Blood Dragon (which I  have also always wanted to play), and Betrayer (cuz it looked cool enough for three dollars).
  7. And I want to play Alan Wake! Never got around to it before.

So there where my mind is at videogame-wise. My goal is to one day reach a point where I can just sit back and relax and play this stuff. But right now, it’s only in between priorities. Which, to be honest with myself, is probably the way it will always and SHOULD always be. But it’s still a nice idea.


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