Gaming Update: October 2 2015

I spent several days accumulating my recent review for The Phantom Pain, and now that I’ve got all that out of my system, I feel content to move on with my life… and play more of The Phantom Pain :P

My first playthrough was a big disappointment. The game was lacking so much I wish it had. And I’ve criticized and complained about it plenty. Now that I’ve come to terms with it, I’d like to experience the game another time. Only this time, it will be easy to focus on and enjoy what it does right rather than everything it does wrong. And I won’t be in any rush; I’ll just play when I’m in the mood. It’ll be a lot easier to get enjoyment from it. I may even find it’s a better game than I thought…

I’d also like to play the original Metal Gears. I think that’s not too uncommon for fans of the series now the Big Boss’s story has been wrapped up. But again, taking my time with that. Not in any rush.

I think I’ll be playing Until Dawn soon. Either by myself or with a friend. I’d like to play through the whole thing in a single sitting – like a movie. I think that’s fun goal. I’ll find out soon enough how obtainable it is.

Other than that, I still have a lot of reviews to write for various PC games. The Talos Principle is one I’m very much looking forward to writing about. But who knows when I’ll have the time and patience again to write a detailed review.


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