Gaming update: Sep24 2015

Once again, I’ve been neglecting this blog but not because I’m not into video games. The past three weeks I’ve been six-feet deep in the odd enigma that is Metal Gear Solid V. I purchased it at a (rather dull) midnight release and haven’t been playing anything else or really even been interested in anything else video-game-wise besides that. But as of last night, I have completed it… And I have a lot on my mind.


So my first objective prior to continuing to write brief reviews for various PC games like I said I would do in my last “gaming update”, is to get the thoughts out of my head concerning the latest (and last, apparently) Metal Gear.

It’s going to be a novel.

And if you are familiar with this blog, you’ll know I’m a big fan of the series, as evidenced by the entire month last year I devoted to Metal Gear posts. So look forward to my upcoming post… But only if you too have completed it, because I will be spoiling plenty.

In other news, I also plan to write a post talking about all the yet-to-be-released games I’m most excited to play. I think that will get accomplished before the next few days are up.


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