Short Review: Blacklist

What I want to say about this game, I want to keep short. I enjoy stealth games a lot, but Splinter Cell has always been one that least interested me. I love the concept, but I the series doesn’t utilize the concept that well. It utilized it well in the very first one. But that game still had some issues. I’ve only played that one, Double Agent, and now this one. I’ve heard Chaos Theory is the best; I wouldn’t know. But anyway. Throughout the majority of Blacklist, I found the same to be true; that it was taking Sam out of the environment he was best suited for. Instead of dark interiors of enemy bases, he’s out in the desertous mountains and Bedouin towns where he doesn’t belong. The environments and gameplay of the first act bored me, to be honest. And I considered not even finishing the game. Especially since the characters were buuullllshiiiiiit. The female character with the half-tucked in shirt, gun holstered, relentless sarcasm, and stern look on her face; the techy nerd who doubles as our comic relief; and Sam who just grunts through all conversations… All extremely flat and uninteresting.


But I’m glad I didn’t give up on the game. The environments got more enjoyable as the game went on, but nothing would compare to the final environment! It’s the most classic, mission-impossible-style, nighttime base-infiltration mission you could imagine with lasers and vents and a dark maze of metallic corridors… I was in heaven playing through the final level, as it is the very sort of experience I wished for from this game. Now, I just wish the whole game was that simple and to-the-fuckin-point.


My rating for 2013’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist is…



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