my Silent-Hill-inspired Little Big Planet level

I’ve been working on this thing for two years now. It’s ridiculous. I got stuck trying to solve this one issue, then kept forgetting about it.

Anyway, I finally published my level and I’d love for people to play it. I know they won’t because it will inevitably get lost in the seemingly infinite sea of levels. But for anyone that reads this and owns Little Big Planet 1, look it up!

It’s called, “Abandoned Level”, and the author name is “Jrmosu”. I released it just ten minutes ago.

The level was inspired by my love of Silent Hill and other horrific/ambient/creepy things like it. There’s an art to subtle horror, that I could think of no better way to practice. So if you like that stuff too, or even if you don’t, I encourage you to play it.

I did a lot of extra work to achieve the right environment for this level: including hiding the checkpoints so they aren’t visible, making sure lighting and noises were perfectly placed, and even scoring it with a custom music. THIS SHALL BE LIKE NO OTHER LBP LEVEL EVER CREATED.

There are a few things you should know to get the most out of it: 1) use the light-cart as a flashlight to see in the dark. 2) its red button rotates the light 3) most useable or touchable things in the level are designated by a red light. 4) when you send the light-cart down the elevator, hop on to it, hold on, and don’t let go! 5) my puzzles can be confusing, but I’ve played and completed my level a million times by now, so trust me, there are simple ways to solve them. 6) depending on the mood your system is in, the light-cart either moves fast or slow; if it moves slow, you’ll just have to be patient when riding it down the slope; enjoy the sights and sounds!

I just want one freaking person to play it and give me feedback. If that happens, then I’ll be happy.


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