MGS Peace Walker – plot summary

part of Metal Gear Month

I would guess Peace Walker got a lot more customers once it was released for the PS3. Originally for PSP, it is a crucial link in the story that didn’t get as much attention as other games. Well, if you’ve never played it, and don’t plan on playing it, and want to be spoiled… or if you did play it and just want to understand it a little better… this is the basic rundown. I’m going to try not to go into as much detail as I did with Portable Ops – even though that was still very condensed. I’m going to try to keep it brief though, because I want to try and get all these summaries written.

Peace Walker is a pretty cool game, but with some pretty average gameplay. The story is great. But the most important thing is: MGS: Ground Zeroes, coming out in just a few days, directly follows Peace Walker’s plot. So, in order to get the most out of that one, one should probably know the basics about this one…

Key Event:

T H E   P E A C E   W A L K E R   I N C I D E N T


Key Players:

S N A K E / B I G   B O S S – leader of MSF


P A Z – an innocent Costa Rican school girl (recruited by MSF)


K A Z – MSF’s second in command


Z A D O R N O V – assistant on Peace Walker project


H U E Y – a scientist building metal gears (recruited by MSF)


S T R A N G E L O V E – A scientist building metal gears (eventually recruited by MSF)


A M A N D A – a capable soldier who helps Snake fight in Costa Rica (recruited by MSF)


C E C I L E – an innocent bird watcher from France who gets caught up in the action (recruited by MSF)


C H I C O – Amanda’s little brother (recruited by MSF)


H O T   C O L D M A N – CIA mastermind


Plot Summary:

The year is 1974. Big Boss, following the confusion and politics of the San Hieronymo Takeover, has severed his ties to the U.S. and formed his own mercenary group, Militaires Sans Frontières (“Army Without Borders”), and stationed them off the coast of Central America. This movement symbolized Big Boss’s urge to break away from Governments. Starting to view his purpose in the world as just a gun, he vowed to offer military services to whoever needed it.

Two “Costa Ricans”, Ramon Galvez and Paz Ortega contact MSF asking for help in repelling the CIA force that invaded. In return, they offer a large base in the Atlantic where the MSF can call home. Kaz and Snake, after careful consideration, accepted, but only after Galvez admitted he was sent by the KGB. Their new base would be known as “Mother Base”.

Suspecting nuclear weapons are involved in the CIA’s presence, Snake allies with a local rebel group, at which point he meets and aids Amanda and her brother, Chico. He invites them to take refuge at Mother Base. There, they help in various departments. Learning of a research facility, Snake heads to there to confirm the readiness of nukes. While infiltrating, Snake learns of the CIA force’s intentions to launch a nuke to prove military effectiveness. The scientist working on the project, Huey Emmerich, refuses to participate any further and thus is overthrown and attacked by the CIA chief, Hot Coldman. Afterward, Snake comes to the aid of Huey at which point Huey tells him of the a.i. controlled, nuclear-armed tanks he’s been working on which were test models used in the development of PEACE WALKER – a walking nuclear deterrent device that is capable of retaliation without a second thought (hence the reason for a.i. control – to eliminate emotion from the retaliation decision). Huey joins MSF as a researcher, and begins development on MSF’s own mech. Meanwhile, Snake sets out to locate another researcher, Strangelove.

On his way to Strangelove’s a.i. facility, Snake runs into Cecile, escorts her out of harms way, and sends her back to the MSF base. Upon entry of the secret facility, Snake meets Strangelove, who hated Snake for killing his mentor, The Boss. As it turns out, Strangelove had modeled Peace Walker’s a.i. after The Boss’s own intellect and emotional tendencies. Peace Walker’s a.i. even had The Boss’s voice. Snake was incredibly intrigued at the thought of The Boss still existing in some shape or form…

After a battle and Strangelove’s escape, Snake heads to Peace Walker’s final testing facility – having learned its location from Strangelove. There, he found the a.i. once again and trying talking to it as though it were the real Boss, but it’s limited thought spectrum was evident. Before Snake could destroy the a.i. he was captured by Coldman. Snake is imprisoned, but escapes. He makes his way to Peace Walker’s hanger where Paz has been taken hostage. Confronting Snake, Coldman threatened to fire a nuke on mother base using Peace Walker. Then Coldman, with Paz in custody, escaped the facility with the active Peace Walker following him. Snake was unable to follow, but MSF located another base at which Peace Walker would supposedly launch its nuke, thus made plans to infiltrate and stop it.

At the base, Coldman informed Snake of his plan. Coldman input fake launch data telling of a Soviet nuclear attack on the United States. He had to do this, because Peace Walker would not fire unless provoked by such threats. The resulting nuclear retaliation Coldman programmed to be land on Mother Base. The U.S. would not realize the launch data was faked, and thus the Pentagon would be forced to decide whether to launch their own nuclear weapons. Then, Galvez interrupted them – revealing himself as Vladamir Zadornov planning to steal Peace Walker for his own plans – and shot Coldman. Before he could kill Snake however, MSF came to his rescue. MSF took all parties into their custody, with Strangelove now a team player, and Zadornov a prisoner. Then Coldman, nearly dead, used his last strength to input the codes – finalizing his plan. With no other options, Snake rushed to find and destroy Peace Walker.

Snake was able to stop the launch, but not stop the data transmission sending false data, thus the Pentagon was still in alert mode. Snake tried everything he could to stop the U.S. retaliation – including contacting a member of the Pentagon, but soon found stopping it to be out of his reach. Suddenly, Peace Walker’s a.i. altered and the heart of The Boss seemed to surface from within. Peace Walker then walked into the lake, flooding it’s a.i. system and severing the transmission. All parties in witness, seemed to conclude that it proved The Boss’s good character, except for Snake. He saluted her sacrifice, but was dissatisfied with the idea of living completely for a greater good and sacrificing one’s self – the way The Boss did.

After the catastrophe was averted. An even more motivated Big Boss continued to focus on the improvement of MSF by recruiting more soldiers and even overseeing the production of their own nuclear deterrent – a bipedal tank named Zeke. Zeke had only come into existence to protect MSF from almost certain lashback. With Zadornov as a prisoner, multiple escape attempts were made. In the final attempt, Snake was forced to kill him. Soon after, Zeke started moving and attacking the base, and once Snake arrived on the scene, Paz was revealed to be the pilot. She called herself Pacifica Ocean and claimed that her and Zadornov’s purpose in giving them the base and aiding in the build-up of MSF was really to initiate their building of Zeke so they could steal it and bring it back to the Patriots (which she called “cipher”). Snake had left the Patriots two years prior because of a difference in opinion. Now, the Patriots were planning on building an a.i. system that could effectively run the world and keep all countries on a similar frame of mind. In light of the new information, Snake was forced to bring down the Paz-controlled Zeke. In the resulting explosion, Paz was thrown into the ocean.

Afterward, Kaz revealed he knew about the whole thing, but went along with it strictly to improve MSF’s status as a capable military body. Snake, disgusted at having to have “killed” Paz, announced to his soldiers that he and they are guns to be used by whoever needs them, and by selling ourselves, we will soon have a nation of our own, called, Outer Heaven.


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