Gaming Update: 2/9/14

The past couple days, I have been gearing up for MGS:V. I’ve been looking at the most recent videos, I recently read Game Informer’s awesome and long new article about next-gen MGS including an interview with Hideo Kojima, I’ve been eating information about the series from metal gear’s wiki page trying to brush up on my complicated plot trivia, and I even beat MGS:4 for a sixth time (in a day) just to re-watch some of the most informative cinematics – all in preparation for the next installment. I really hope I am still this pumped by the time Phantom Pain actually reaches my living room. Knowing me, it’s probably just a phase and in several more days’ time, I will be over it. But it has been a fun reader’s digest learning about Les Enfants Terribles project and so on, trying to piece together the maze of the MGS saga.

So, in the future nearer than MGS:V, my blog can expect a detailed official review of MGS:4, and I bought TimeShift three days ago for less than two dollars. So I might play some of that and give it a review too. Also, I’m in need of playing MGS:2 and Peacewalker before playing V. It’s a project that will take some time definitely. So all that will keep me busy until V gets here. Well… that and my final semester of college in which I’m strenuously preparing my portfolio and setting up my future career. But that’s really not as important to me right now as what happens to Big Boss.


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