squad-based games make me giggle

There was this moment in the campaign of Call of Duty: Big Red One where I’m supposed to clear out this tunnel with one other main character. That character is not allowed to die because I guess he’s crucial to the story, so he can essentially be hit by grenades and gunfire an infinite number of times without dying, so when going through the tunnel with him, I would usually push him around corners so that he would be the first one enemies saw. He’d get clobbered of course, then he’d get back up and return fire, or in certain cramped situations, he’d be meleeing everybody to death.

I don’t like first-person gaming experiences when I’m alone and expected to kill everyone by myself. I like it when the pressure is spread out among team members. Back in the day, I found it so nerve-wracking to go into a place all alone playing a FPS, it would actually keep me from playing. I’ve gotten much better now, and it never keeps me from playing those things anymore, but I still retain the fondness for squad-based games, because there’s just not as much pressure.

I am pretty shameless with my commanding of squads though. If I don’t have to march straight into enemy sightlines, then I don’t! I order my team to move on ahead, so that they can deal with the enemy threat. I just like to watch most of the time. I usually just stand back and watch my guys shooting at the other guys… haha. I’m silly. But it’s how I have fun. I used this strategy with such games as… Freedom Fighters, SWAT 4, Brothers in Arms, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, and especially Rainbow Six: Vegas. In R6:V, there’s such a simple “move” tool implemented, so it’s easy to feel inclined to send them ahead of me to soak up enemy fire, so I can… better assess the situation… while they are dying. No big deal, they can be healed any number of times. Freedom Fighters had a great squad system, so fun! It had a command system where the player could point somewhere with the crosshair and press either “attack” or “defend” and either way, the squad would go to that location before acting on the order. I liked to give them an “attack” coordinate right in the middle of a swarm of enemies so that instead of getting cover and shooting from a distance like normal people, they would rush right in like a mob of mentally challenged pigeons attacking bread crumbs. I played that game conservatively at first, but then eventually decided it’s more fun to make everything as chaotic as possible.

Freedom Fighter 2

Love squad-based. Mainly because of two reasons: I like the strategy and having control over battle tactics, and I like for there to be other guys to take the enemies’ attention away from me. I do abuse my power a lot, but it’s fun. Sometimes, when I see an opportunity to send one of my squad members into certain death, I just have to take it.


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