gaming update 11/15/13: spending me-time with classics

I’ve got my eyes on Sims 3, finally. I’m going to purchase the basic starter pack as soon as I get a little more money in the bank. My wife loves games that have the player running the lives of trivial characters carrying out menial tasks over and over and over until you don’t want to do anything in your real life anymore… so I think it’ll be perfect for her. And hopefully she’ll stop with her Animal Crossing altogether.

Gearing up for Sims 3, I’ve been playing the only similar game I have – Activision’s pointless PC game, The Movies. This game is so dumb in the sense that you never achieve anything that’s worth anything. But it’s still got me hooked the past week, and it’s pleasing my Sims craving for the time being.

I’m also playing SWAT 4 lately. It’s my go-to game whenever I want excitement that I can rely on. I plan on writing brief reviews for both of these games soon.


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