ratings: Unreal Tournament original and III

My rating for 1999’s Unreal Tournament for PC is…



Not only is this the perfect shooter and ahead of its time in action capability, but featured some of the most quintessential map designs ever, like the infamous “Face” map which has been redone in all the sequels – two towers just floating in space – epic.


Why are the characters able to breathe in space? Why are they in space in the first place? Who are these characters and where did they come from? Why are they killing each other to capture those flags? The game makes no sense. But it doesn’t, in the slightest, need to. It’s just ballsy, buttsy action. And still enjoyable to this day. The only reason it isn’t a five, is because it isn’t up to the level of greatest games of all time, in my opinion.

My rating for 2007’s Unreal Tournament III is…


This modern sequel holds up all the great fun the original had, but with slightly more complexity, and better graphics. It’s certainly worthy of holding the Unreal name.


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