monster kill!!!: gaming update 10/23

Since moving into my new apartment, I’ve just been trying to re-establish my routine. And whenever I wanted to make sure my television/playstation/sound system was in order, I just popped in my go-to easy, fun game: Unreal Tournament III. I have been playing this every now and then just to get feeling at home in my new surroundings. Thus I’ve been reminded what a fun game it is.


Its a pretty nonsensical jibberishly exciting game, where you just run around trying to blow people’s heads off with rockets. Occasionally, you find a sniping post and think the game has more strategy to offer, but who are you kidding? You then see some dude’s mangled meat floating around and bouncing off walls in the low-gravity environment, and you remember what you’re playing. It’s Unreal! I like that it hasn’t changed very much over the years. The designers never attempted to add much of a story, and the plots are not any more complex than, “capture their flag”. The only things that have changed from the first Unreal Tournament PC classic are the graphics and the inclusion of drivable vehicles. Both changes are not necessarily improvements, because how do you improve upon perfection, but are very successful additions. The game is just pure fun and has basically endless replay value, even for someone who doesn’t go online, like me.

One thing that does differ from the original in a negative way is the announcer saying “Mu-Mu-Mu-Mu-Mu-Mu-Monster Kill”, when you obliterate five dudes in succession. Now in UT3, he just says, “Monster Kill”, and you have to kill six in succession. What a rip.


Along with that, I just recently bought Beyond Two Souls and am working through it. Look forward to a review very soon.


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