gaming update: 7/13

I recently finished Silent Hill 3. Twas a great playthrough. Recently finished Far Cry 3. I feel like a worse person since that game entered my life. What a freakin awful, dumb game. The only reason I beat it was to see what cheap thrills it could offer. But honestly, once all the outposts were in my control, there was absolutely nothing keeping me interested. I will sell it soon as I have already deleted my saves and the install data. Good riddance.

In other news, I am really in the mood for a great hack-n-slash! I’m either going to get the new DMC, or try out the older Heavenly Sword. Don’t know when I will do that, but I want to soon. Right now, my money is going towards things like… gas, food, and contact solution. So… not too much room for videogames in the budget. But maybe I can squeeze it in, somehow.


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