some things never get old


Over the years, I’ve played many games. Clearly. But only a select few games have that indescribable power to keep me endlessly entertained. No matter how many times I go through a phase of playing the specific game, I know there is a always a good possibility of going through that same phase again in the future. These games truly never get boring! And I find that amazing, since nearly everything in the world gets boring – no matter how much I love it. So here are the games that never get old.

The first is Company of Heroes for the PC. I bought it when it was new and played it on my desktop computer for several years. Then, my computer’s deterioration proved too much to play games like that anymore. So I got a laptop. I installed it on that machine too. I recently moved, and in all the confusion of boxes and junk, I made sure to keep my Company of Heroes disc close to me so I wouldn’t lose it and could play it when I got bored. It is one of my favorite past-times.


It’s all because of my method of playing it. I don’t take part in the multiplayer, and I’m not that interested in the story. I always just did skirmishes and tried out different strategies. In that way, it’s just like Red Alert (another great game) but with much better graphics. My favorite strategy was to create a 2 team vs 2 team match and set up an extravagant defense around my cpu teammate’s base. It’s always fun to design systems of tank traps, sand bags, land mines, and gun nests and see how long I can hold up against the enemy attackers.

Then there’s SWAT 4. I don’t know why but this game just never gets boring. For those that don’t know, you play a SWAT officer who infiltrates terrorized locations with a team of four other officers. It’s a FPS but very unlike other games in that genre – people don’t die often. In fact, deaths of both officers and enemies are frowned upon. Your objective is to keep everyone involved ALIVE! You are policemen after all.


Your general strategy is to try to encourage, or force, the terrorists to give up and allow themselves to be arrested. There are various ways to incapacitate them including gas grenades, stun guns, and pepper spray. Killing them is a last resort and only allowed in the event of being fired upon. This is a really exciting concept to me. And the way the enemy positions are never truly known and are randomized every time you play a mission keeps the maps interesting. I just love this game – I believe no other game offers this kind of experience. It’s truly tactical – a lot more than Rainbow Six.

I think the only others that have this infinite potential to be exciting are Mirror’s Edge, Sim City 4, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, and Rome: Total War. Mirror’s Edge presents imagery and gameplay unlike anything else, so I always have cravings for it now and then. Sim City 4 is just a simple “God POV” strategy game with infinite potential. The little details combined with the feeling of creating a living, breathing city is very pleasant and keeps me coming back. In Roller Coaster Tycoon, I find the creation of custom roller coasters almost infinitely compelling – I literally never run out of ideas. And Rome: Total War is just bad ass. Again, it’s one of those games where I just do skirmishes over and over with different defense ideas every time. With that one as well – there are many possibilities.

All these games (except Mirror’s Edge) keep me interested and coming back for the same reason – there is still more to see. Seemingly, no matter how many times I try out different ideas, there’s always more creativity to be experimented with and un-foreseeable results to be seen. That is what makes them constantly interesting. I’m never truly done with these games – only done with my phase.

If any readers have any at all comments, I encourage you to share.


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