ratings: the Crash Bandicoot PS1 series!

I never played the very first Crash. So I can’t rate that one, but I played all the rest – all the rest that came out for the PS1 that is.

My rating for 1997’s Crash  Bandicoot 2 for PS1 is…



What is there to say about this game? For its time, it was quite fun. The term, ‘adventure’ doesn’t really apply as it’s not that reliant on story, but the bouncing, running, and bashing gameplay was a blast. Quite creative, too – levels of many influences and styles. And might I add, some of the most traditionally excellent boss battles.

My rating for 1998’s Crash  Bandicoot: Warped for PS1 is…



Crash 2 is to Crash 3 is as Vice City is to San Andreas… or as Little Big Planet 1 is to Little Big Planet 2. They took a great concept and added a whole big pile of junk and craziness really muddying it up – things like airplanes, jetskis, rocket launchers, and riding-kitties. With all that it definitely became a heavier experience. But with that being said, it was all still a lot of fun! Nothing felt like it was too much, at least not at the time. And the boss battles in Warped topped Crash 2’s, probably being the best boss battles in the series.

I still feel like Crash 2 was the original Crash experience though.

My rating for 1999’s Crash Team Racing for PS1 is…



It seemed, around the time I was playing it, like everyone else was a MarioKart person leaving me as the only CTR person. But I loved it! Great racing mechanics – with the boosts, jumps, traps, and pick-ups – and phenomenal track/level designs. The one that takes place in the sky on… magic carpets or something… was especially cool. The only thing I didn’t like about this game was, it was frequently very hard. I got stuck often in the boss races.

My rating for 2000’s Crash  Bash for PS1 is…



I have to give this game praise – it presented a style of gameplay I thought was completely unique – each of the levels/environments is a static square with four players in each corner of the screen, and each of the objectives lies within each specific mini-game. It’s like a whole game made up of min-games. There’s no longer trails to explore but little arenas to battle in. It’s strange, but pretty cool. But, not all the mini-games were fun. Only a couple of them did I actually enjoy – like the pinball game and the slippery-ice game.


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