rating and review: Fighting Force


Fighting Force is a game I played back in the late nineties, usually with my brother. The game is kind of a hack-n-slash experience, but without any supernatural or fantasy qualities. It’s pretty much about a fighter (or two if you play 2p) who punches, kicks, and smashes their way through hordes of Zeng’s henchman, soldiers, and other thugs. The levels consist of a bunch of different, cool environments/motifs like a mall, a biker-gang street, a naval boat, and a subway car. You pretty much just punch people and occasionally pick up a gun that has like 3 bullets – which you use very sparingly. What I found cool about it, was all the little extra environmental thingys that helped in the fight, like: there were sometimes cars that could be punched until they explode, and when they did, car parts would burst out of them which you could use as a weapon, like the engine block, or spare tire. You could rip the fire extinguisher off the wall and hit people with it, and sometimes there would be a pop machine you could kick to make it explode and give up it’s little cans of health, haha. It was an altogether FUN game to play, especially with someone else, and it rarely got boring, because the fights were always interesting, not just button-mashing monotonousness. And it’s fun to pick your character because they all have a unique couple special attacks…

My rating for 1997’s Fighting Force for PS is…



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