rating: Mass Effect (each of the trilogy)


My rating for 2007’s Mass Effect for PC is…


Fantastic music and spacial atmosphere. Amazing story and great characters. I’ve played through it five times.

My rating for 2010’s Mass Effect 2 for PS3 is…


The game relied much more on combat – which I didn’t think was even fun. The environments are great, but the music is mostly orchestral, not really embracing the sci-fi-ness. And the story seems like a big detour from the overall plot that spans the entire trilogy. The saving grace was the “Shadow Broker DLC”.

My rating for 2012’s Mass Effect 3 for PS3 is…


It redeemed a lot of what I liked about the first one. The environments are awesome, it has a great story with great character development, and better music. But, it was a still a lot more of a blockbuster than the original. Latched on to the “epic” appeal.

I have no beef with the way the story ended. I had a better ending in mind… but the one they came up with was decent.


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