Introducing a Star-based Rating System

Hence forth, I will be giving star ratings to any and every game I’ve ever played. Not all at once, of course, but whenever I feel I have something to  say about the certain game.

Here is what my system means:

★★★★★ = changed the way I see games
★★★★½ = truly great and/or absolutely amazing
★★★★ = reaches greatness at times, few bothersome qualities
★★★½ = better than I expected and/or exciting, but could be better
★★★ = decent and/or fun, but nothing special
★★½ = semi-enjoyable, but has issues
★★ = a lot of bothersome qualities, any fun was short-lived
★½ = not good, needs a lot of work
★ = there’s no point in critiquing this game
½ = I didn’t know games could get this bad

Excited to get started!

I will also post this on my Rating System page.


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