final update: Origins

I finished Silent Hill: Origins last night. I now would consider it a good addition to the series – just because of the motel map. I was very pleasantly surprised by the whole thing.

Starting with the notes from Richard to his wife, I was becoming (finally) very intrigued by the story. I was starting to piece things together about Travis’s history and family. And the calendar puzzle I really respected. It made me actually have to think about things – rather than just going to another room in the map and finding the answer. Once room 500 is unlocked, the game is pretty much a slippery slope… There is a crazy boss battle, some energetic cinematics, frequent map changes, a final puzzle, and another crazy boss battle. I loved it all, except for the final boss. The monster that represented Travis’s father was kind of aggravating, but altogether a very silent hill experience. The final boss – the red demon – was NOT. It looked like a very bland version of Devil May Cry or something. It wasn’t fun, it added nothing to the story, it was uninteresting, and could have been completely taken out. I didn’t like it at all.

Other than that, I ended up loving Origins just because of the motel. That may be my favorite map in any Silent Hill game! And the mental hospital was pretty good too. I can’t deny the scariness of that place.



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