update: Origins

After my initial pre-completion review of Silent Hill: Origins, which you can check out here, in which I basically dismissed the game’s scariness, I took a long break from the game because of my school work. I started playing it again last night because finals week had just ended. I left off after just completing the theater map, I was suppose to go find the motel… What I found in my play last night was enough for me to take back what I said originally.

On the way to the motel, Travis discovers enormous monsters – bigger than the series has ever seen before. One of them that confronts Travis in an alleyway is particularly frightening. Once you get to the motel and start exploring, there’s terrific ambient/emotive music that makes the environment come alive. I was compelled by the motel’s map intro far more than the other maps in the game.

Upon further exploring, Travis discovers that the motel means business. There are not many opportunities to find health, and plenty of sinister monsters, including a disgusting amalgamation monster that looks like it attacks with a random selection of body parts. And once the first mirror is discovered, the hell-version of the motel, is positively UNINVITING! I was scared by the overall look of it, and the music is very hellish. The map doesn’t correspond well making it interestingly confusing. That hell-version is particularly evil, in my opinion.

origins hotel

Eventually Travis gets back to the calmer world, and discovers some more creepy things – like the peep holes into the hotel rooms, which in the case of one of the holes, shows the butcher standing, which kinda freaked me out – in the way I’ve been wanting this game to effect me.

I’m loving the motel so far, and am happy this game seems to have turned around. I am excited to continue exploring there…


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