it’s all in the eyes

sh2 cover2

I am a sucker for when video game covers are just simply the lead character’s face. There are several examples of this, and they all happen to be some of my favorite games! The above image belonged to Silent Hill 2’s cover – a distorted and cranial image of James… or is it Mary? I don’t know.

47 faith gordon

harry heather old-snake

The Hitman 3 cover shows 47 clenching his guns… The Mirror’s Edge cover shows the lead, Faith, standing in her environment… The Half-Life 2 cover shows the lead, Gordon, who we never actually see while playing the game… The Silent Hill 1 cover shows another distorted image of its lead, Harry… The Silent Hill 3 cover shows Heather, the lead girl… Metal Gear Solid 4’s cover shows Old Snake looking old… I always appreciate  when games have feeling, you know? Emotion, story, things that make you care for the character… All these covers do that well. There’s something about looking into the eyes of a character like this that elevates their being outside of the realm of digital, at least a little bit. These are some of my favorite covers.


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