slow the **** down, eileen!

So I completed Silent Hill 4 last night. The ending boss was super frustrating. For those who aren’t familiar, Eileen is the supporting character to the game’s main character Henry who wants nothing more than to protect her. During the final scene, the player must fight the main villain whilst Eileen is walking steadily towards her death (towards a sinisterly aggressive piece of revolving machinery)  because she’s been possessed by the evil spirit. In order to save her, the player must defeat the villain quickly… if she isn’t saved, there is still an option to complete the boss, but her death will affect the ending.

I attempted to execute this boss battle quickly enough to save Eileen probably four times before I gave up. She was just going too fast. It became kind of funny after a while, because no matter how fast I went, she still ended up killing herself. There were moments when I was yelling at her, telling her to slow down. But much to my surprise, the virtual character couldn’t hear me, and thus my attempts to reason with her had no affect. So, I eventually just completed the boss – with her death – and received the ending called “21 Sacrements” which is the least optimistic of the four possible endings.

I went online to find out just what the heck I could have done better. Then it was revealed that I had to protect Eileen from the spirits and monsters throughout the prior adventures and explorations in order for her to walk more slowly in the final boss… Well, shit! I could have used that information earlier! Not that it would have made much of a difference, though. I mean, I played the game on normal difficulty and some parts were still freakin hard. Like during the return to the buildings world, there’s so many monsters it’s RUN OR DIE!!! There’s no time to protect the girl! I could barely get her through the level with me at all, let alone un-bruised! Maybe if there were less things trying to kill us, I could have protected her more…

Although, I didn’t really mind the ending I received. I thought it was kind of cool, from an artistic perspective. The police found Henry’s dead body with a face too distorted to recognize. That’s kind of messed up, but fitting. And Walter, the main villain, takes over the apartment once and for all. Which is where he belonged.

But I do feel kind of cheated that I got what is considered to be the worst ending. That was a hard game to beat! Some moments, I was sweating trying to complete the objective and stay alive… They shouldn’t even have negative endings if it’s going to be such a slap in the face to all the hard work put into the story. I killed Walter in the end boss! And then he shows up in the ending good as new, and somehow MY character is dead? how does that make sense? As for the removal of apartment hauntings, which was another factor in deciding the ending, I never payed any attention to that. I liked the hauntings. They were horribly scary, and I didn’t feel it in my right to just get rid of them. It’s part of the experience of the apartment!

Oh well. I had fun playing the game. It was the second time I’d played through it. It’s funny how I had forgotten everything that happens :P


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