gaming update 03.20.13

Gaming Projects:

Silent Hill 1

Silent Hill: Origins

Silent Hill 4: The Room

Mass Effect

Little Big Planet


Silent Hill 1 I’m in the hospital. Just found a videotape that didn’t make any sense. I’m enjoying my encounters with the nurses, they are freaky, possibly the scariest of the nurses of the franchise. I recently realized I can avoid monsters by turning off my light, but can’t pick up stuff or look at my map without it. That makes things quite interesting… and scary.

Silent Hill: Origins I just completed the theater and am heading for the apartment. The theater was very cool. I’m noticing a lot of similarities in gameplay from the SH1 to Origins. It’s like the same game almost. Very simplistic.

Silent Hill 4: The Room I just escaped from the room and I’m walking around the reddish apartments for the second time.

Mass Effect I haven’t been playing this, but it still counts as a current project because I started a new character and plan on playing all the games with the new character. Eventually.

Little Big Planet I have been working, very slowly but steadily, on a horror themed level. I hope to finish it soon as it has been in development since the beginning of summer 2012. I’m anxious to publish it, but it’s got to be perfect. I will write more about it when I’m closer to its completion.

With college, personal paintings, work, and my wife, these things don’t progress very fast.


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