who needs backwards compatibility?

So, as I’ve been told, the PS4 will not be able to play PS3 games – just like the PS3 couldn’t play PS2 games – and my question is, who really cares? In my home, I have a setup where my PS3 sits right next to my PS2, both connected to my television. When I want to play a PS2 game, I just pop it in to that system. Same with PS3. It’s really no extra hassle to use a different system. They only thing I could be slightly bothered with is my PS2 controller has a cord coming out it… HOW DATED AND INCONVENIENT, right? Haha, not really. I even kind of like having both my systems right there – it further punctuates my loyalty to Sony. I will probably end up stacking all their systems on top of each other when I eventually get a PS4, and it’ll still work the same way. But it’s not like the PS4 comes out and all of a sudden PS3 games are obsolete. You still own your PS3, right? So you can still play PS3 games. What are you whining about? I guess if you want an uncluttered space to game… but they haven’t yet made completely cordless systems, so the area behind your television is going to be a mess anyway. So you may as well just have every system you have all hooked up to that same screen. Why not?


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