other scary game moments

This is a list of moments I’ve found throughout the years (from games other than the Silent Hill or Fatal Frame series) that really scared me.

1. In Hitman 2: Silent Assasin, after you’ve completed all the objectives in the mission, “The Death of Hannelore”, you go back to your row boat to escape the scene. On your way, a guy that looks exactly like 47 except with a blue tie is waiting around a corner. He starts shooting you immediately, then runs away. When you try to follow him, the door he escapes through explodes when you cross it… It is sooo weird. I never expected anything like that clone to happen. It caught me completely by surprise, and it because of its surreal nature, I thought I might have hallucinated the whole thing. It really freaked me out. I began to know this as the “blue-tied clone moment”.

2. The boss battle with the character called, “The End”, in MGS3:Snake Eater is frightening for many reasons. First of all, you never know where the guy is. He is camouflaged so perfectly, you could be staring at him and not see him. And he will sneak up on you occasionally, and with the environment being so quiet, it’s really scary! I encourage everyone to experience that.

3. The boss battle with the character called, “Laughing Octopus”, from MGS4:Guns of the Patriots is kind of the same thing. Only its a much tighter environment, and she makes really creepy noises. This battle will mess with your mind fiercely.

4. In Hitman 3: Contracts, during the mission, “Traditions of the Trade”, there is a hallway that has been turned into a murder scene. I don’t know why, but when you go through that hall way, the screen turns blue-er, and it just seems really creepy. Once, and only once, I saw a ghost figure walk around the corner in that hallway. It freaked me out big time. I never saw it again. The early Hitmans have some really messed up moments.

5. There’s a part in Indigo Prophecy where your character is in an insane asylum and the lights get shut off. Then you have to control her breathing as she walks through the dark surrounded by loose crazies. It was very tense.

6. In Half-Life 2, around the time when you’re driving around with the road vehicle, there’s one house next to a cliff… You don’t need to stop there, you can drive on by. But if you are intrigued about what might be in it, then you can stop and check it out. Everything is very quiet… until you reach a certain room in the house and hear the demonic moo of the creature known as “prison zombie”.

7. In SWAT 4, there is a mission taking place in the “Children of Tarone Tenament”. It is the HQ of some cult practices. There are many scary rooms in there… including a very disturbing basement with bodies of dead children.

8. I have to mention Ravenholm. In Half-Life 2, many scary things happen in Ravenholm. The scariest for me, was the rooftops. You can see the “fast zombies” hopping across roofs quickly homing in on you. And their terrible screams don’t help.

*9. In Heavy Rain, there was a moment at the crowded train station when everyone besides the player is still and quiet and seems to be on pause. When you accidentally bump into a frozen NPC, then fall over with rag doll physics. It was actually quite disturbing.

*=Added since first published


5 responses to “other scary game moments

  1. I love Indigo Prophecy (or, as it’s known over here, Fahrenheit)! The bit at the start was so intense aswell, I was terrified the first time trying to hide that body!

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