same old fiber wire: Absolution

I have some good things to say about the latest in the Hitman series…

1. The character control has never felt better.

2. The kill choices are nicely ranged.

3. I like the way the story has the maps feel like they are building on each other and progressing.

4. The menu interface is pretty cool.

5. Point shooting is an awesome idea and fits well with the fantasy of the Hitman character.

But other than that, it’s the same old 47.

The negatives:

1. I thought the NPCs, by now, would stop being so hoky. But they are.

2. The new HUD doesn’t add any excitement for me.

3. Switching out the map for the instinct view was… interesting. But very often, I wanted to know the layout of the building! I guess it’s not as realistic to know it, but I didn’t care.

4. The cinematics are dreadful! I hated them. The voice-overs were ridiculous.

5. The addition of drama was a nice idea. But there needs to be less stereotypical BS characters and more realistic characters.

6. The story of the girl was interesting. But that’s the only part of the story that wasn’t miserable.

7. The maps are small. Or at least, smaller than I wanted. I liked when 47 used to infiltrate these giant mansions… Here’s an idea: Make an open world to make act out these contracts in. The spaces felt very closed off…

8. Here’s another idea: Make a Hitman game that’s not so linear. What if there were some variables?

9. Hitman should be more about the missions and less about the story. With such a unique gameplay dynamic, why complicate it with story? Especially one that sucks.

The Hitman developers have made changes and updates… but I have been ready for a bold, new Hitman experience since the satisfied exhale that was Blood Money.

My suggestion… design an open world for this character to live in. 47 wants to breathe.


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