scariest moments from the Silent Hill Series

Keep in mind, I haven’t played SH:1 or SH:Origins yet.

1. The scariest moment for me was from SH:Shattered Memories. In the high school, there is an art room with several sculptures and paintings in the corner. It’s completely silent in there. There is also a door at the opposite end of where you came in, but it’s locked. To get it open, you must solve the puzzle. Re-arranging the art pieces reveals numbers. Get the numbers in the right order and it reveals a phone number. Call that number and an unfamiliar voice says, “it’s open”, and then hangs up.

2. In the prison in SH:2, there was a huge, dark room with something important in the very center. When in that room, every so often you could hear what sounds like the footsteps of something running up behind you. It was just the sound though, nothing was ever there.

3. There is a room full of mannequins in SH:3 and when your flashlight is turned away from it, one manequin screams. When you turn the light back on to it, you realize its head is now missing.

4. In the revolving prison in SH:4, on one of the floors, there are two-headed turkey-like creatures. Since you walk in a big ring-shaped hallway, you can sort of see them from a distance, before they see you and its really freaky because there’s no introduction to the monstrosity and you have no idea what the heck it is.

5. In SH:Homecoming, you must go into a power plant. What you never expect to find is another human. So when a human dressed in a hazmat suit suddenly runs out at you with an axe, it’s very startling.

6. In one of the side quests in SH:Downpour, you find the story of a man who murdered his family. You find a record in their home and put it on the turntable. As you play the record backwards, a ghost image of the man walking up the stairs appears – except he’ s going backwards in time. You see him acting out his murders in reverse.

7. In one of the many apartments in SH:Downpour, there is a guy hanging in a noose. Discovering him is really unsettling, because it’s quiet and he’s very still, but the presence of him is still felt in the room. When returning to the room upon completing  some sort of objective. He is no longer there.

8. At the orphanage in SH:Downpour, there is a tire swing. Occasionally, without any sort of warning, you will turn the player’s view back toward the tire swing and it will have turned to a dead man hanging… then eventually back to a tire swing… but never a visible switch.

9. There is a room full of machines in the prison in SH:Downpour. As you try to solve a puzzle in the room, the machines will occasionally switch on by themselves. It’s scary because there is no other sounds in the room. And the sound alerts the creatures, so they will show up somewhere in the room of machines.

10. Upon awaking to the sound of knocking in your apartment in SH:4, you go to the peek hole to see who’s at the door. There isn’t anyone – just red writing on the wall saying, “go check on Eileen”. It leaves me thinking about how my door was being knocked on.

*11. In the orphanage in SH:Downpour, you must re-create the effects used for a children’s play (such as thunder noise, and lighting on the stage). When you do the items in the correct order, you are suddenly in the woods (a realized version of the make-believe world from the play) and being chased by monsters.

*12. The long hallway of doors in SH:4’s hospital is full of scary things. Two of the scariest rooms are the one with a giant-sized and deranged version of Eileen’s face, and the one with a slowing swinging dead person in a sheet.

More will be added…

*=Added since first published


2 responses to “scariest moments from the Silent Hill Series

  1. A great list, but a few you didn’t include that I found scary:

    SH3 – The Haunted House, particularly when the hanging man drops in front of the door, only really effective if you have the volume right up and haven’t seen it before.

    SH4 – Peeking through the hole in the wall and seeing the Rabbit staring straight back at you.

    SH4 – Turning around to see a load of weird faces on the wall at one point. The whole game is creepy though, brilliantly made!

    • Totally! The rabbit did startle me quite a bit too, the first time. My second time around, I’m getting scared by different things, its interesting. I think all the hauntings in the apartment are very scary though. It’s hard to select ones to list.

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