The Last Guardian will be THE LAST GAME for the PS3

The very long awaited spiritual sequel to Shadow of Colossus is still coming… After about nine years, the team, including the original creative director Fumito Ueda, claim it is still in development, just progressing slowly due to technical issues and Sony’s priorities. I believe this is more than a game to Ueda, probably being more like a child considering how he continued to aid in its progress even after leaving the developing company. So, I think it’s about time Sony let him finish and release it so the dearly loving fans can enjoy this sure-to-be treasure. The biggest issue now, is with time. Soon, Sony is scheduled to release progress updates on the PS4, which I think will be here well before it’s welcome. Yet, The Last Guardian team still plans on keeping it a PS3 project. If the eventual release is too long away, then it will end up being overshadowed by the new system. I hope that doesn’t happen. Remember this… that awkward period where PS3 just came out, but PS2 games were still being stocked… then they gradually got pushed off the shelves. It would be very sad if The Last Guardian was put in that situation.

My prediction… this game will not be just a spec in the shadow of PS4’s Call of Duty 5. Ueda’s games are underdogs, and one thing will always be true about games like that – their fans are loyal, will endlessly defend it, and will wait as long as it takes.


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