comparing the Mass Effects

Here it how it is:

The first ME was fantasic – a modestly budgeted game with tons of heart comes out of nowhere and makes a huge impression. The story is compelling, and the role-playing aspect is fun (not perfect, but fun). The world and lore created around the game was very successful. All the originality of Star Wars, and just as in-depth. The score is wonderful and inspired. Plus, there’s this odd sort of atmospheric feeling, coming from such levels as Noveria and the moons, that only a non-blockbuster can pull off. The first ME is magic.

The second ME sucks. There  is way too much emphasis on gun battles. They aren’t even fun, they are boring. The scenarios aren’t as innovative. The loading screens are phony. The soundtrack is incredibly boring, too, except for the Illusive Man theme. The story is still compelling, but I feel like ME:2 just took a really long detour from the plain, original plot. The game revolves completely around those dumb collectors… Their connection to the reaper story was a stretch, and I think it was only added just to make the series a solid trilogy, rather than just a duo. I really don’t like ME:2. One redeeming quality, though, was the Shadowbroker DLC. It added some pretty, new locations and more to the story of Liara, which I really was hoping for.

The third ME is decent. Yes, it is the most popularized of the three, and there is still a tone of combat. But, the combat is considerably improved and actually kind of fun. And there’s a nice reprise of a lot of good aspects of the first one. I think they really listened to fans when making it. The soundtrack captures a little bit of the magic from the first game, and the environments are well-thought-out. And it’s the most dramatic of the series. And I like drama. I like this game. It’s not a favorite, but I like it.

I am probably the minority, but epicness in games doesn’t really turn me on. I was more than happy with Mass Effect 1’s generally low key. If there are to be more MEs, I hope they are either prequels, or start with a completely new story, but with the same quietness and simplicity that the first game had.


7 responses to “comparing the Mass Effects

  1. All three games have good parts and bad parts. ME1 has a great story, introduces a wonderful universe, and has some pretty cool characters. But the combat was weak (and totally broken later in the game), and the sidequest planets got tiring fast.

    ME2 improved the combat. It expanded the universe. It introduced a lot of great characters, but I have to confess that I don’t think they handled the characters properly. We don’t get enough interaction between the squadmates, which keeps it feeling more like a bunch of individuals, rather than a real team. I also think they probably could’ve had more conversations off the ship, on missions or even just running around cities. And the story was barely there – it was a bunch of sidequests. Even the main quest was mostly a sidequest to the main plot of the series. So it suffered there, which is why it’s my least favourite game in the series.

    ME3 had the best combat, hands down. It did a great job with the characters – by making it a more focused group, they allowed for the squadmates to interact on the ship, and for Shepard to interact with them off the ship. They almost always have something new to say between missions, even if it’s a brief one-liner. The game had the most focused story – everything you do is related to the main plot. However, the story has some major flaws, even without considering the ending (and the ending, of course, was awful).

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion. I agree with mostly everything you said. Yeah, the side quest planets in ME:1 that featured the vehicle were vastly dull and could have potentially been much better. But that didn’t really bother me too much.

      “Some major flaws” is an understatement. They cut corners all over the place. But, it is compelling and exciting. And I actually thought the ending wasn’t bad. Of course, it wasn’t the ending I was hoping for – the ending I had planned out since the ending of ME:1 ;) But, I wasn’t totally pissed like most people seemed to be. It had SOO much to live up to and so many questions to answer, it was nearly impossible to make a great ending.

      • And I too, really enjoy the character interaction. I may be a weirdo, but I would be fine if the whole game was talking and story and the combat was left completely out.

      • Prior to the DLC, ME3’s ending was one of the worst endings ever made. The Extended Cut and Leviathan DLCs made it only bad.

  2. Which one specifically are you referring to? Because there are many different results. Or are you talking about the entire climax of the game with the ground assault and everything?

  3. From where you collapse at the console and go up to meet the Space Brat. The whole thing fell completely apart at that point.

  4. It did seem to lack. But, like I said before, the ending was held to nearly impossible standards. I thought it was a an OK way to end – considering the size of the hole the writers built for themselves. It’s one of those things where the mystery is always better than the truth, like in the movie Mission to Mars.

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