my 20 favorite games

I’ve included the system on which I had the best experience with the game

1. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (ps2) The creativity by the writers and conceptual development is top-notch. Playing through this is an invigorating, emotional, inspiring experience.

2. Mass Effect (pc) I’ve never been so involved in the story of a game in my life.

3. Shadow of the Colossus (ps2) This game has an incredibly unique concept, and a special atmosphere. It’s quiet, vague, subtle, and filled with beauty.

4. Half-Life 2 (pc) I think this (along with Half-Life 1) is the most ahead-of-its-time game – even considering Mario 64, Zelda, and Doom. The physics engine and puzzle design along with the first person story-telling was revolutionary.

5. Silent Hill 4: The Room (ps2) So scary it’s cruel. I never saw horror the same.

6. Mirror’s Edge (ps3) This game is visually stunning, the score is great, and the movement and character control feels very energetic and natural. This game really makes me feel like I am this person. And this game is really designer friendly :P

7. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (ps3) Another Metal Gear game captures most of the same magic from 3, and even takes some aspects way further – like the cinematics.

8. Indigo Prophecy (ps2) What an exciting game! This game captures suspense very nicely. And its story and characters are well-developed.

9. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (ps2) None of the other games in the franchise were quite able to capture what this one had, I’m not sure I can be more specific than that. It was just special. There was something really disturbing about this game… something I can’t explain.

10. *Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (ps2) The 80s culture makes this gameplay kind of campy and extremely fun. And this is my favorite radio selection of the franchise!

11. Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood (pc) This wasn’t just a shooter. It’s very realistic. It really felt like World War II. You care about the people you fight with. When they get shot, you scream, no!!! It was a different shooting experience.

12. *Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (ps2) It’s a stroll through the disturbing. Without combat, the game is allowed to focus on the defining features of the series.

13. Spider-Man 2 (ps2) Free-roam web-slinging all around NY? Yes, please.

14. Freedom Fighters (ps2) So, so, so fun. I beat it probably ten times. Always wanted a sequel.

15. Portal (360) A fine exercise in technical experimentation.

16. Fighting Force (ps1) I used to not own a memory card, so in the late 90s when my brother and I played it, we would have to beat it in one sitting. It was pretty hard, we only did it like twice. Good memories.

17. Twisted Metal 2 (ps1) Just a classic for me. Another good 90s game.

18. Oblivion (360) Fantasy environment and role-playing I can’t imagine being done better.

19. Mercenaries (ps2) I just loved how you can accomplish your mission in so many different ways. And I loved capturing the deck of bad guys.

20. Far Cry 2 (ps3) Free-roam in Africa? Oh, heck yes. Not to mention the amazing “sun shining through the jungle plants” engine.

* represents REVISIONS made since first publishing the post.


6 responses to “my 20 favorite games

  1. 1. Dark Souls
    2. Silent Hill 2
    3. American Magee’s Alice
    4. Okami
    5. WWF No Mercy
    6. Silent Hill 3
    7. Final Fantasy 2
    8. Shadow of the Colossus
    9. Pokemon Ruby/Emerald/Sapphire
    10. GTA: Vice City
    11. Final Fantasy 12
    12. LOTR: The Return of the King
    13. WWE Smackdown vs Raw
    14. God of War
    15. Diablo II
    16. Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast
    17. Heavy Rain
    18. WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role
    19. Silent Hill 4: The Room
    20. Shadows of the Damned

    Most are based on nostalgia going to the computer lab with my brothers and playing with ten other people .

  2. 1. Dark Souls – So challenging, understated, powerful story with a true sense of discovery and happiness when you finally beat the strongest enemies. Cool weapon upgrading, great music (when there is some), and the best combat system I’ve seen. Changed the way I look at art.

    2. Silent Hill 2 – introduced me to horror games with the greatest beginning of a game ever. Life changing use of music, with a horror quality that blends sexuality, perversion and disturbing dives into the mind of the main character…so subtle and conceptual. Survivor horror’s never seemed so perfect.

    3. Alice – So odd and beautiful to look at. Great characters, awesome music. This is like a better Tim Burton. I remember when it was going for $12 at Walmart. Now its worth $100 unwrapped.

    4. Okami – Everything is just perfect. I thought It did Zelda better than Zelda itself. A long and wonderful journey that’s innovative and colorful. Impossible to forget some of the boss battles. Not a hard game to play.

    5. WWF No Mercy – considered the best wrestling game ever. Can’t argue too much. Great roster, unlockables and CAW, great story mode.

    6. Silent Hill 3 – Continued SH 2’s abstract horror, but made it more action oriented (slightly). Its more balanced, and is designed more as a dialogue/character driven story. Some terrifying moments, like SH 2 on steroids.

    7. Final Fantasy 2 – How many times have I played through half of this game just for my save file to go missing? Awesome, simple with spells/weapons that level up on use, like Skyrim. So easy to jump into.

    8. Shadow of the Colossus – A beautiful empty world that you fill with your own meaning and purpose. A video game’s attempt at replicating a Malick film. Successful.

    9. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald – All are basically the same. This was my first pokemon game. So addicting, so well paced. I loved the map, and Gen 3 was my favorite group of monsters. I raped this game.

    10. GTA: Vice City – the single most compelling atmosphere a games ever had to me. My first GTA. There’s never been a main character like Tommy Vercetti. The music is iconic. And the environment is so wonderfully designed. Beautiful to behold. The story was ahead of its time. This is it for me, I still have powerful flashbacks to certain visuals in this game. Its so hard to play now unfortunately due to GTA: SA and 4.

    11. Final Fantasy 12 – I had never seen a game as beautiful or as big. A great group of characters with so much to do! HUGE, vast world. Addicting combat, and compelling story.

    12. LOTRs – captured the movie well. I love the upgrading system. Great graphics for the time and you reenact one of my favorite movies! Great mix of fun and challenge. Best game based on a movie since Golden eye.

    13. WWE SVR – I’m not sure why i love this. I think because its a good balance between the different styles the designers have taken with the wrestling games. It’s not too realistic and not too cheesy. It maintains a good foundation.

    14. God of War – totally the most epic game of its time! Turns hack n slash into almost art. Awesome to see mythical creatures come to life. But you have to experience it mainly for the awesome total package – design, music, gameplay..and how epic is feels.

    15. Diablo II – classic. Wonderful classes that set standards for RPGs to come. Great story and the most amazing random weapon generator ever. So many things to accomplish, and when you’re high level, you know u earned it. Diablo III doesn’t compare. Spent soooo many hours playing by myself and with friends. Ugh! History!

    16. Star Wars – pure multiplayer. The most amazing multiplayer experiences I’ve ever had. Legit, controlled combat. Amazing maps (Bespin being the most iconic, I know it by heart). It is perfection. I loved seeing skins and mods people came up with. So there was basically an endless quality to this game. My brother still plays Jedi Academy – the sequel – daily ten years later.

    17. Heavy Rain – Voyeurism at its video game finest. So emotional, I cared so much about the characters. That’s all that mattered! I was twisted as the plot turned. Few games have abused my emotions so well.

    18. WWF Smackdown 2 – the most unique wrestling game. That’s basically all I have to say about that.

    19. Silent Hill 4 – A blockbuster horror experience. So many moments are embedded in my memory. This isn’t a cinematic game. It approaches its startling horror with an odd sense of distance. Makes its more thrilling.

    20 . Shadows of the Damned – this obviously benefited from the popularity of Resident Evil 4. This is a silly comic game, with unique ideas, and so many sexual innuendos.

    I realize I forgot Resident Evil 4 and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Both would be top 10 games. The order is not too important, more like the area of the list a game is of importance. How do u mix games u love now and nostalgia? Not so easy.

  3. I understand, nostalgia is an intense power. Thanks for sharing! You have a unique repertoire of favs. Pokemon, wrestling, silent hill, heavy rain…

    Just to let you know. I will play Ocarina of time sometime before I die. I must experience it. Used to watch my brother play, looked really involving.

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